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In the Moment

Walking didn’t seem the best option any longer as my husband stumbled out of the truck, white knuckling his way along the edge of the box rim attempting to remain upright on the parking lot of the ER.

I frantically ran for help.

As the ER nurses all but dumped his increasingly helpless body into a wheelchair, my bewildered mind couldn’t help but imagine how his/our life was about to change.

The decline of my husband’s health had taken a nose dive days before and was all but deteriorating in front of our eyes.

As I followed the medical team wheeling my husband into the ER, I realized this was going to be a very different day…I felt it…and different it was to say the least.

By the time he finished triage, he could barely walk. Whatever was happening to him was happening fast.

After a mirage of scans and…

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