The Notebook

In the Moment

Hurrying to my dad’s 1974 Ford pickup during my school lunch hour in my grade 12 year 35 years ago now, I jumped in and started it, heading out to the local burger joint to meet my regular group of friends.

I spotted a not-so-perfect note fluttering in the wind tucked tightly behind the windshield wipers. As I pulled into the local burger joint I could hardly wait to put my dad’s truck into park to read the mystery note even though I knew who wrote it. I jumped out and slipped the note quickly out from under the wiper. I opened it. It read:

Meet you at the me

Nothing earth shattering or fancy by any standards but to my heart it left a flutter because it came from the one I loved.. my future husband. 35 years of birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas and anniversary cards later, my…

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